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4x4 Offroad Adventure Club - Gauteng
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The 4x4 Offroad Adventure Club has been in existence since 2001 in Gauteng, and has established itself as one of the leading and credible outdoor focused organisations. The club is a gathering of professionals, executives, business owners and credible individuals, who live busy lives and yearn to break away every now and then and get to the bush to relax.

Our club is beyond the call of proving vehicle capabilities, driving rocky obstacles and challenges. We are not a ‘challenge’ club, neither are we out to break or damage our vehicles (although incidents can happen) and do not advocate irresponsible driving techniques. The club has a range of guides who have suitable training and experience, who either assist or lead trails, so as to ensure safety and enjoyment. All members sign the necessary indemnity from the club before every event. We focus more on overland travel, week-end’s away in the bush, the odd day trip and a regular social activity. Most of the members tow some sort of offroad trailer or caravan, and as such, trips accommodate these. We do not lodge!

The club is family orientated, where every member of the club member’s family is treated with respect and dignity. This is not a ‘manne’ club, and everyone is welcome to participate. This is reflected on our program. To this end, and based on what we currently do, 4x4’s and 4x2’s are welcome. In tough economic times, most trips are localised, with fewer cross border trips taking place at present due to the cost of fuel, the availability of members, the guiding regulations across borders and time availability. However we do camp monthly, and get together on a fairly regular basis. Based on the current members desire, we also plan our events to overlap with other outdoor activities such as MTBing, kayaking, hiking, trail running, ‘padstal’ visits and other such activities to drive down costs, as well as broaden the scope of outdoor pleasure.

The club has a strict behavioural credo with regard to its member’s participation. A strict no drinking & driving policy exists at all times. Furthermore, foul language, racists, sexist, religious and such like negative behaviour and commentary is not tolerated. The club is managed by its owner, and there are no committees, cliques and such like. We aim to arrange events that appeal to most and can be enjoyed by all, irrespective if a friendship exists or not between attendees.

The 4x4 Offroad Adventure Club operates electronically, and has no home base or club house. All correspondence is by e-mail and all payments for trips, deposits, etc are done via Internet banking. Consequently an absolute prerequisite for participation in membership activities is an e-mail account, web access and if possible, a Rand based Internet banking facility. No other means of correspondence will be entered into. This makes administration of the club a lot easier.

All featured trip feedback and photos are now listed on Facebook, as the de facto medium for social feedback to members and society.

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